Black rhinos, African penguin and brown hyena no more in Angola's fauna : official

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LUANDA, Aug. 4 (Xinhua) -- Angola's fauna is now without black rhinoceros, African penguins, and brown hyenas, Angolan Ministry of Environment announced Friday.

In the red list of 1507 and 2012, Angola had only critically endangered mammals.

The Red List of Threatened Species of Angola was elaborated on the criteria of natural occurrence history or the absence in its habitat which determined the extinction of the above species.

In addition, human activities are major cause of the vulnerability of at least 1150 species that appear on the list.

From the group of threatened of extinction are 29 animals, of which stand out the giant black sable, the spotted hyena, the lion, cheetah (jaguar), mountain zebra, gorilla, red buffalo, and the chimpanzee.

At least 1150 species of the fauna and flora of the country are part of the list which groups them into four categories: extinction, threatened of extinction, vulnerable and invasive.

The elaboration of the red list of species of Angola was made through consultation and contributions of national and international institutions including the National Geographic Society.